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In Summer 2015, I graduated as an accountant from the HAN University of Applied Sciences. I always had a strong interest in Entrepreneurship and before I wanted to commit to an accounting firm, I wanted to start a business of my own. As someone who really appreciates a good haircut, a warm atmosphere and socialising with peers, I naturally had a interest in barbering, seeing potential business opportunities within this sector.

After I graduated, I travelled through Asia. It was on this trip where I began to make the future plans for my own barbershop in Nijmegen. As soon as I got back I asked Rick, who has been a friend of mine for around 16 years if he would like to work with me in the store. Growing up together, I saw he had a potenial to be creative and social in the shop I wanted to build. Djihan cut my hair since back as a junior in highschool, and I even was his first regular customer at his old store. Knowing him for such a long time I knew he was one of the best barbers around and that his personality and experience would bring a big addition tot the shop.

In the future, I wish to practise my profession, gaining more experience and combining this with Barber Lemar.