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I come from Nijmegen and have lived here most of my life. 7 years ago I travelled through Europe, spending alot of time in Switzerland, Germany and Spain working as Personal Security for rap artists such Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Damian Marley and so on. At 20, I moved to Spain to work at a nightclub. 6 months later, I returned to Nijmegen.

When I was working in a tattoo parlour, I began to cut hair at home. I enjoyed that more than any job I have done and started searching for further training. This is where a close friend of mine Obaid has told me he was planning to open a barbershop and if I would be interested in working together. Ofcourse I went for it and started full time training with an experienced barber to fine detail my skills.

I enjoy barbering because the feeling you get when a customer leaves the shop feeling good is like no other. I also enjoying socialising with the customers and having insight into other peoples backgrounds. In the future, I would like to have my own barbershop in an exotic location, after that, we’ll see…