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Grewing up in Nijmegen I had a wonderful childhood but I also witnessed the hard side of life, and so I’ve learned that you have to work hard for what you want. I had a fulltime job in the marketing and communication branche but I was not happy with it because I could not be myself. Having a lot of tattoos my bosses always made me hide them. As a result I decided to pursuit what I already loved doing as a hobby: giving my friends fresh haircuts

When I heard about Barber Lemar educating barbers, I immediately got in touch with Obi the owner and after an intake he gave me the chance to be part of the intensive program. This gave me the chance to fine tune my barbering skills and it made me able to deliver high class cut to clients. I have now found the profession that I want to be doing the rest of my life, so I will do my best that every client cut at Barber Lemar becomes a regular client and with that part of the family.