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I’m Marvin. I am 23 years old and I’m from Nijmegen. A few years ago I graduated MBO niveau 4 and after my internship I got my job as a salesman at the H&M MAN. I also studied human resource management at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. I discovered that this wasn’t particularly my thing so I decided to drop this study and worked for a whole year fulltime at H&M MAN. Mainly I chose to do this because I wanted to discover what I would really like to do with my life.

Besides my job I always did the haircuts of my nephews. The more I practiced the better I got. A few people told me I should be studying to be a professional barber. This was an eye-opener to me because it was the one and only thing I really liked to do. September 2015, I finally started my study to be a barber. I now proudly present myself as a student at the barbers school of heads academy Amsterdam/Delft from which I will graduate this summer already.

When I heard that a young entrepreneur was opening the doors of a brand new barbershop in the middle of Nijmegen centre I immediately contacted the owner, Obaid. After showing my portfolio and cutting 2 models, Obaid offered me the great chance to work as a barber for Barber Lemar. I will fulfil this job with lots of passion and fun and I invite every man to come and visit us at the barbershop for a great haircut or just to chat!