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Born and raised in The Hague and am now living in Nijmegen for 9 years. I have been a barber for 15 years and have a come from a family with a barbering background. In The Hague, I owned a barbershop with a diverse clientele of European, Asian and Afro hair. Thus I specialized in all types of hair. Later I met my partner who lived in in Nijmegen and she was the reason I moved here in 2008 and started Dji Kappers in the centre of Bottendaal, Nijmegen.

In 2015 I sold Dji Kappers to an employee to have more time for my hobbies and my family. One of my hobbies is providing training in barbering techniques. I do this for a variety of platforms including Pro Duo and the Joico brand. I became concerned after a while that I had very little customer contact, so I started looking for a barbershop in Nijmegen to work with. By chance I found out that Obaid, my first regular client in Nijmegen, was about to open a new barbershop in the city of Nijmegen, so the search ended there and here I am!